Soar High

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Growing up, I always dreamed of moving to New York and living a fabulous life.

I don’t know if my life will be fabulous in what most people would perceive fabulous to be, but in my eyes, living in the city of dreams is absolutely fabulous.

New York – it won’t be an easy ride. There will be a lot of adjustments to be made and obstacles I will be faced with, but I am beyond ready to take on any challenge.

In high school, I spoke with a faculty member whom I admired and respected very much. I told her of my goals and dreams to live in New York. She responded, “Heather, that’s out of your league. Why don’t you aim smaller?” Well, I was taken aback, but ever since then I’ve been even more motivated to accomplish exactly what I said I was going to- move to New York.

Four years later, seven days until graduation, and I’m about to graduate on time with an opportunity to work in New York. This life won’t hand you anything you think you deserve. You have to work hard and earn your achievements.

Seeing my parents work hard to give my sister and I all of the things we needed plus more, has been one of the biggest examples they have ever set for me. If you really want something, you have to go for it full throttle allowing nothing and no one to stop you until you get there.

Never let anyone tell you your dreams are too big. Use those words of negativity and dream even bigger. You are your biggest obstacle you will ever encounter. Your fate is in your hands and only yours, as cliché as that may be.

With God, hard work and dedication, you can soar. Believe in yourself because the sky is the limit.


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